Donegal Cliffs

Anyone who has visited our Errigal Hostel will have met our lovely Sinead there. She has been a part of the hostel since 2007 and is a great woman for the chats and the cup of tea. Over the years she has listened to our guests rave about the lovely scenery and the walks around Errigal but she is not what you call an outdoor lass. Last week she decided to change this, put on her walking boots and head for the hills to see what all the fuss was about. Here is her report.

Slieve League

Sinead at Slieve League

I’ve been looking after visitors to Donegal for a long time and always heard about the amazing Slieve League Cliffs. After our own Errigal Mountain, it is one of the favourite places to visit by the people who stay here. I always felt that I couldn’t give our guests the right description of one of our top beauty spots so I decided to pay it a visit. Of course the weekend that I picked was also the same weekend that the weatherman issued an Amber Warning with gusts of wind in excess of 70mph along the Irish coast. Typical!

Slieve League is about an hour and  a half drive from our hostel and the route took us along a good stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way. It is not called wild for nothing.  The wind was howling and the waves were sending spray crashing over the rocks. I can see why so many people come from all over to drive along this route. The Atlantic batters the headlands but the landscape just rolls away into the hills. Along the way I stopped off to see my old friend Mary in Glencolumbcille for some tea. Mary is great craic but she thought I was away with the fairies to be heading to Slieve League on a day like that. She stayed by the turf fire while I headed on.

It was worth it though. The Wild Atlantic Way drive down to the village of Teelin was stunning but the cliffs are amazing. Rising almost 2000ft/598m these sea-cliffs are the highest in Europe and are nearly twice the size of those little excuses for cliffs at Moher. Once you hit the village of Teelin, the views start and you want to stop the car every 2 minutes to get out and look at the view. We drove as far as we could up the road which climbs to the top of the cliffs before getting out at the viewing point.

Slieve League

Image Credit – Wikipedia Commons

What a view!! I was so glad we chose the day we did. The waves were powerful and dramatic beneath us and you could really feel the wind swirl around you and blow the cobwebs off us after the drive. I took a handful of snaps and just looked out along the cliffs and felt really small in comparison. I am so delighted to have went and I now know why our guests rave about it. We just don’t appreciate what beauty surrounds us until we see it through a visitors eyes but at the end of the day I’ll always be a Dunlewey girl and the view of the hills will be tops in my eyes.

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Better still, pay them a visit and have a cup of tea with Sinead.

For more info on Slieve League


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