5 reasons why you should Rent-a-Hostel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rent a whole hostel to yourself? Did you know that An Óige now do Rent-a-Hostels which are ideal for group get-togethers? Imagine a group of you and your friends taking over your favourite hostel and having the time of your lives.

The communal atmosphere in our hostels makes everyone instantly at ease and it makes a stay with us seem like a home away from home. Whether it is family reunions, weddings with that personal touch, or just a bunch of friends hanging out together, our Rent-a-Hostel packages offer you something unique.

1. It’s all yours

Having the exclusive use of a hostel means that you have the place to yourself. Your group will be the only ones there so you can relax knowing that your group will be able to gel and mix in the way that they know best. Whether it is a family get-together or a team-building event it will be you and just you. Also, because we have such a variety of hostels to choose from in all shapes and sizes (from our 18th century lodge in Killarney to our eco hotspot in Donegal), your group will be sure to find somewhere that suits their style. Plus our staff are always nearby in case you need anything.


2. Come and go as you please

Hostellers love their freedom. They don’t do formal very well and they have a healthy dislike for too many rules. Rent-a-Hostel gives you will the run of the place yourself. You choose your own schedule. You cook whatever you want. You come and go as you please. Our hostel amenities are ideal for groups who like to have some flexibility built into their plans, but just in case you don’t want to bother with the cooking, we can even arrange that for you aswell. The decision is yours.


3. Keep the costs down

Organising group time away with your friends need not be a bank-breaking exercise. An Óige was set up to provide budget accommodation for people who like to think outside the box. Rent-a-Hostel actually works out much cheaper because you are paying for the building and not the individual beds. Our prices range from €240 per night in our small mountain lodge in Glenmalure to €1250 per night for our brand spanking new hostels in Wicklow and Donegal during the low  season (of course these are subject to availability). The extra benefits with a Rent-a-Hostel are the private and family rooms along with the dorms. So the more people you have with you, the easier it will be on your wallet.

4. Hassle free

Rent-a-Hostel usually means organising for groups and this is where we can help you. An Óige has been dealing with groups since 1935 so we know how much organising it takes to get a bunch of wildly different personalities from Point A to Point B. Our experienced Groups Department will take care of all your needs for booking the hostel. They can also advise you on your getaway, from local knowledge about schedules and activities to transport and shopping and making sure that you know about the many discounts that our hostel members have access to.

5. A world outside your door
All our hostels were designed to bring visitors into the outdoors. They are situated in the sort of locations that constantly appear on glossy travel magazines. No wonder they  are used for so many weddings! They are also very close to a number of outdoor activities and cultural hotspots so there is always a selection of things to see and do. Perfect for keeping your group entertained. Our hostels in Knockree, Killarney and Donegal are located in the heart of some of the most beautiful spots in Ireland and they are sure to add some relaxing vibes to your break.


Book one of our Rent-a-Hostels for yourself. Email Delphine on groups@anoige.ie, call her 01 830 4555 or check out our group page for more details.


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